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Writing and reading of Polish fonts is possible by proper setup of the Windows operating system. This can be done in the following way.

Installation of Polish fonts in Windows
The following might require use of the CD or disks containing the Windows operating system installed on your computer.
1) Click on the Start menu, select Settings, then Control Pannel.
2) In Control Panel, double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.
3) On the Add/Remove Programs dialog click on the Windows Setup tab.
4) Check if the Multilanguage Support option is available in the list. If not, this means that the Polish fonts are already installed and only require to be setup. If you see the Multilanguage Support option, go to the next step.
5) In the list, check Multilanguage Support and click on Details. Make sure that Central European is checked. Click OK and on the Add/Remove Programs dialog OK again.
6) If asked, insert the disk with Windows operating system. After this installation, it is necessary to setup Windows to use the fonts.

Setup of Windows for the use of the Polish fonts

1) Click on the Start menu, select Settings, then Control Pannel (or directly Control Panel in newer Windows versions).
2) In Control Panel, double-click on the Keyboard icon (or Change keyboards or other inputs).
3) On the Keyboard dialog click on the Input Locales tab and check if Polish language is in the list.
4) If Polish language is not there, click on the Add... button and select Polish (Programmers) or Polish. If neither one is available in the list, you must first install Polish fonts on your computer (look above how to do it). If they are in the list, choose Polish (Programmers) and click OK.
5) Now, you will be back on the Keyboard dialog. Here, check the "Enable indicator on taskbar" and close the dialog by clicking on the OK button.
6) Close and restart Windows. After restarting, you should see an icon with letters EN in the bottom right corner of the screen (on the taskbar).
7) Now, you can single-click on this icon with the left mouse button and select Polish (PL). This should enable you to write using Polish letters. To test this, start MS Word and press the right ALT key on the keyboard and while holding it down, press on letters A, E, S, N, etc. You should see the Polish fonts. If not, make sure that the icon on the taskbar says PL and not EN.

Using Polish fonts
To use the installed fonts, first change the current language to Polish. Single-click on the EN button on the taskbar to change it to PL. Most of the Windows applications will now decode the Polish letters. It is best to use Microsoft products such as MS Word. To write Polish letters press and hold down the right ALT button and while holding it down, press a letter. To get capital letters, you must additionally press the SHIFT key. Below is a list of combinations necessary to get Polish letters.

ą - ALT + letter "a"
ć - ALT + letter "c"
ę - ALT + letter "e"
ł - ALT + letter "l"
ń - ALT + letter "n"
ó - ALT + letter "o"
ś - ALT + letter "s"
ż - ALT + letter "z"
ź - ALT + letter "x"

Viewing WWW pages with Polish fonts
Polish pages are created using different ways of generating Polish fonts. Some, can only be viewed after installation of special fonts but many can be viewed properly after setting up your internet browser properly. Polish fonts are coded using the ISO-8859-2 standard. The browsers are capable of decoding these letters after setting them up. Here is how to do it:

From the menu, select View, then Character Set, and Central European (ISO-8859-2)

Internet Explorer/Google Chrome
From the menu, select Page, then Encoding, and Central European (ISO). If this is not a choice, select More... and then Central European (ISO).

This setup allows decoding of letters written in the ISO-8859-2 standard, which will allow for correct display of Polish fonts.

All of our pages are created using the setup described above.

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